20 Philosophy Quotes That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Life, human beings, and reality are mysterious and, sometimes, right unfothomable. With this quotes, you will get in touch with this and awaken the philosopher in you!

1. A Why and a How

2. Creating a Conscious Purpose

3. Your Actions Are The Answer

4. Careful with Your Opinions

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5. The First Principle Is...

6. Punished By Your Anger

7. What is Art?

8. Afraid of Light

9. Analyzing the Obvious

10. What Should I Pursue?

11. Simplicity and Familiarity

12. My Kind of Paradise

13. Nobody is Intelligent Enough...

14. Two Things Are Infinite

15. So Many Books

16. Step on the Shoulders of Giants

17. Holding Multiple Perspectives

18. The Nature of Our World

19. Why You Should Learn History

20. Techology - Master or Servant?

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