Life Purpose

Want to build a passionate career and contribute to the world in a way you find meaningful? Then this section is for you. Discover the techinques to create a life worth living and leave your legacy:

On The Importance of A Life Purpose

Creating a life purpose for yourself can break or make your life, but few people know it. Discover how successful people used it and how you can use it too!

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What is Life Purpose?

A Life Purpose is the overarching aim of your life, it is the motive of your life. It is what will motivate you to wake up every morning energized, what will pull you out of your lowest times, and provide you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Although it can represent almost anything, it is usually refering to your career or job.

A clearly defined Life Purpose will drive your decisions, shape your behavior, influence your overall goals and push you out of your comfort zone. 

How Do I Discover It?

It is commonly believed that each person comes with a purpose to fulfill in life. Their job in this world is to discover it and give their lives to it. What ends up happenning is that people cannot find their “life purpose” and give up after a couple of months or years of soul-searching.

Thankfully, nothing can be further from the truth.

A Life Purpose is not discovered, but created! 

Want to CHANGE your Life?

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There is no sacred stone in Heaven with your purpose written on it. Although most people don’t realize this, you have the power to create a Life Purpose and make it a reality. BIG REALIZATION, UH? If you don’t have one yet, I urge you to create one right now! Some questions you could start with are:

  • What’s my passion?
  • How do I want to contribute to the world?
  • What would I see myself doing for the rest of my life?
  • What do I find meaningful and important?
  • What do I want to be good at?

Give it a try! It’s time to take responsibility for your destiny!

Life Purpose = Contribution + Mastery

There is a formula to create a Life Purpose that fits you perfectly and it’s composed by two elements:

  • Contribution

This element focuses on what you want to contribute to the world with your work. What is it that you want to improve or feel its important? The answer to this question is very personal and varies from individual to individual. Some may find global warming of outmost importance while others believe that taking care of homeless is first in their list of prioirities.

What is yours?

  • Mastery

This element is all about what will be your area of mastery. It defines what is it that you are going to get terribly good at. It can be anything that creates value and people are willing to pay for; possibilities are endless! Is it music, martial arts, business, architecture, science, finance, or philosophy? 

The mastery of an element or a field will take time, but hey, at least is the thing you are most interested in right?

Once you combine your prefered contribution with your area of mastery, a life purpose is created. In a nutshell, it defines what you are going to get really good at and how you are going to contribute to society. Examples of life purposes are:

  • An architect that designs shelters.
  • A programmer that creates software that improves relationships.
  • A business man that wants to build more ecological cars.
  • A musician who wants to evoke new feelings in people.
  • An event manager that wants to plan the best weedings.

Does a Life Purpose Evolves?

A Life Purpose is destined to change, to evolve and adapt to your life circumstances. Perhaps you change your strategy, or you find something more meaningful to contribute, so your Life Purpose must change. But remember, a Life Purpose’s objective is to keep you in track – mastery and greatness cannot be achived by changing it every other year.

Commitment and consistency are king in this game!

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