Have you ever thought that philosophy was boring? Think again! This blog will radically transform how you think about philosophy and the impact it can have on your life:

The Power of Solitude

🤫 There’s a secret that successful and iconic people know but nobody ever really told us , and that’s the hidden power of solitude…

Is Descartes Wrong? The Key Problem with Cogito Ergo Sum

Is Descartes Wrong? The Key Problem with Cogito Ergo Sum First things first. Before we can start off with our critique of Descartes we must first understand where he was coming from as well as what he was postulating. So, let’s begin… Descartes was a 17th Century French philosopher who was born in an


Is ANYTHING REAL? Solipsism EXPLAINED and DEBUNKED (Escaping The MADNESS) How do you know that the Universe is real? What a stupid question! I mean, it’s obviously real. I’m a physical organism that inhabits Planet Earth, which goes around the Sun every 365 days in a galaxy called the Milky Way. I was born

The Mind-Body Problem Explained

The mind is a strange occurrence. Scientists cannot figure out how the brain can give rise to a thinking mind. Wanna discover how it’s possible? Get in!

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is defined as the study of general and fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, value, reason, mind, language and so on. In a nutshell, is the activity of investigating our world, our selves, and reality. 

But here we are not interested in discussing arm-chair philosophy.  We are interested in that kind of philosophy that tries to answer the important and critical questions, that changes lives, perspectives, mindsets and ways of living. Anything short of that is wasting time.

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A Philosophy of Life

A philosophy of life is set of beliefs, attitudes, and mindset about life in general. If we want to build a fulfilling life it is imperative that we ask questions like “which is the best way to live?”, “what is the best use of my life?”, “does my life has any purpose whatsoever?”.

It seems that philosophy lost this intent several years ago, believing that there mere act of trying was absurd. What many forget is that philosophy didn’t begin this way.

One of the most important philosophy books is Plato’s Ethics, which whole theme was about attempting to respond to the following question:

What entails a life worth living?

This approach to philosophy was lost long time ago, and it has its obvious consequences. There’s a lack of meaning in people lives, material abundance is higher than ever but inner fulfillment is severely lacking.

Only a change in attitude, in how we understand and practice philosophy is necessary, and this blog aims to do exactly that.

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