These are 10 Habits I tried for myself and actually have the power to transform and empower your life. It did to mine!

1. Read

Try reading a couple dozen pages in the afternoon or before going to sleep. It will help you think better and learn from different subjects and perspectives. From personal development, to finance to health, every book you read will give you a snippet or two of wisdom that with time, will drastically change your life.

Commit to reading a book a week for two months and see your life change.

2. Meditate

Start with 5 minutes and ramp up until you reach 30 or more per day. It will help you be calmer and more grounded in your everyday life. Your mind will become quieter and it will increase your ability to focus, which is pretty useful if you work or study. It also controls anxiety and reduce stress.

Definitely worth giving it a try.

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3. Visualize

Take some time every day to visualize your future and how you would like it to be. Where would you like to live in? Which type of job would you like to have? How much money do you want to be making? How do you want to look like?

By imagining your future daily, it will help you keep motivated and will focus your mind on achieving your goals. You’ll start thinking about ways you can make them happen and opportunities that you haven’t been aware will come to the foreground.

Commit to visualizing your future for 5 minutes every day.

4. Plan Your Day

Each night and before you go to sleep, decide and plan what you are going to do the next day. Then write it down. It will help you be more strategic with your time, keep you accountable and achieve more. This will also put your day in perspective, and you’ll feel much more in control of your life.

Before going to sleep, plan your next day. Be strategic.

5. Eat Healthy

Try eating more veggies and fruits. Also drink more water. Avoid sugars, wheat and processed food as much as possible. You’ll notice after a couple of days of eating healthy your mind will be working smoother and you’ll be able to accomplish more, feel better and just be happier.

You are what you eat, be mindful and take care of yourself.

6. Gratefulness

Find 6 things you are grateful for. 3 about your life, and 3 about yourself.

We are automatically set up for always craving and desiring. Always trying to achieve more, always wanting more. But we never slow down to be grateful about the things that we already have and take for granted. By taking a couple of minutes every day to be grateful, you’ll naturally feel more complete, happy and present.

Short-circuit your mind by being grateful for what you have.

7. Journal

Take some time during the day or night to take your thoughts out of your mind and write them down. If you are having a bad day or you are stuck into a negative-thinking spiral, you’ll be able to get some space and perspective to think more clearly. If you are trying to come up with an idea or a solution, writing your thought process down is going to boost your creativity and increase your chances of having a breakthrough idea.

Dump your mind every night into your journal, it’ll transform your life.

8. Exercise

Take some time every day to do some exercise. Whether that’s running, walking, going to the gym or playing some sport, moving your body will keep you energized, present and focused. Just 10 or 20 minutes every day can make a difference in how you feel and what you think. Your mind and your body and incredibly interrelated, so if you are interested in having a healthy and productive mind, taking care of your body is crucial.

9. Block Social Media Until 8PM

It’s amazing how much time that could be used to be productive is wasted on social media. Focus on your work, on studying, on reading or in having real fun. For this I recommend leaving your phone somewhere far from you or download some app that prevents you from logging in and checking out your profiles. The one I use is BlockSite and I 100% recommend it.

10. Track Your Habits

Go meta and create a habit of tracking habits. If you care about being consistent, a great way to accomplish this is to keep yourself accountable. You can use an Excel Spreadsheet, a calendar or an app on your phone to do it – whatever work best for you. Once you start checking each day, a success chain will appear and the last thing you’ll want to do it to break it.

Don’t break the chain.


Those were 10 habits that I implemented that completely revolutionized my life. Don’t underestimate the power of them. Just a daily 1% improvement can mean a lot in the long term.

One recommendation I have is start slow and build up over time. Choose one habit you want to implement and stick with it for a month. Once you feel confident, add another one and so on.

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