A Day In The Life of A Self-Actualized Being

My Usual Day

After waking up, the first thing I do as a self-actualized being is, as you may have guessed, cold showers. I’ve been doing it for years so for me it’s like a warm, relaxing bath at this stage.

Everything in my life follows a schedule. Now it’s time to meditate for two hours – by far my favorite part of the day. People ask me if I find it difficult to do it for that long – I don’t understand them. My mind is like a ripple-less pond, like a clear blue sky – no negative thoughts crossing through, just peace, bliss and love.

Next, with a clear mind, I do my visualizations and affirmations: “you are self-actualized, you are enlightened, you are a millionaire” to program my subconscious mind for success. I also do a 20-minute gratefulness practice to attract abundance and fulfillment.

To finalize my morning routine and before breakfast, I read an entire book in an hour.

It’s 11AM and I’m ready for work.

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This is not how my day looks like. And as a disclaimer, I don’t consider myself to be a “self-actualized being or person” in any way. I just think it’s a role that people play that does more harm than good. I’m just a regular fellow trying to improve my life, achieve stuff, learn, be better and happier.

Anyways, let’s me show you how my day looks like…

How It Actually Looks Like

I try to wake up between 7 and 8, depending if I go to the gym or not. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult since I live in Argentina and people here love to meet at night and stay up until 12 or 1AM.

After waking up, I usually take a cold shower to wake myself up – on winters not as much as I would like.

I meditate for 40 minutes to start my day with a clear mind. The sessions gets easier with time but are usually pretty challenging to go through.

After that, I do some visualizations about my future for 10 minutes to keep myself motivated and focused.

When my morning routine is done, it’s usually around 9AM. I work for a company part-time in California doing Sales so I have the luck to work from home.

You might be wondering where’s breakfast – The reason is that I don’t eat until 2PM. Some might call it Intermittent Fasting, I call it “I’m too lazy to make breakfast and I don’t want to waste time”.

There seem to be some benefits associated with it like weight-loss and muscle-growth but I do it mostly because cooking is not a favorite hobby of mine – so the less time I spend in front of a kitchen, the better.

I try to have lunch around 2PM and take a short 30-minute nap, which usually lasts until 3PM – sometimes a bit more 😀 By trial and error, I’ve came to realize that taking a short nap just after lunch helps me be awake and focused for the rest of the day. One small suggestion is not to sleep more than 20 to 30 minutes because you’ll feel more tired than before when you wake up.

3PM – Time to read

This is my favorite part of the day. I like to spend 1-hour a day reading. It helps me stay creative with video ideas and be a better person overall.
It was a bit difficult to get this habit rolling but I noticed that after a couple of months of doing it consistently, it becomes an activity you end up looking forward to.

I love learning and my interests go from philosophy, to science, personal development, history, and many more.

I’ve been reading for more than 4 years now and there’s this weird thing that the more you read, the weirder the books you begin to like.

You might be asking what am I reading at the moment. I’m reading a book about the limits of logic and I’ve just finished a book about politics, capitalism and income inequality – which was pretty interesting and eye opening.

Did you know that the world’s richest 1% own 45% of the world’s wealth? Interesting and disturbing fact – isn’t it? Something definitely worth thinking about.

Around 4PM I start working on my YouTube Channel. I write the script Mondays, Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesday. Film on Thursdays and edit on Fridays. That’s the ideal but it never really happens that way – I often end up working on the weekends for a couple of hours to finish editing and uploading the videos.

I try finishing work around 7 or 8 and meet up with friends, family or play some sport like soccer or tennis.

At night and before going to sleep, I have an habit tracker that keeps me accountable and pushes me forward. I’m a fan of the idea of exponential growth and that if I get better 1% every day, over the years I’m going to see a huge shift in my life.

I also organize my next day and determine what I’m going to do and at what times – it really helps me maintain my organization and discipline.

That’s on the micro and day-to-day level.

On a more yearly basis, I try to invest 2 to 4 weeks in meditation and consciousness retreats. I think they are a great tool to improve and transform as a human being. Granted, it’s hard and very challenging – but very fulfilling in the end.

And obviously there are some things I commit to and practice that are impossible to make a habit out of it. I always try to tell the truth and respect my word – which I believe have huge consequences in my self-esteem and self-respect. I also watch a lot of educational YouTube videos and listen to audiobooks when I’m in the car. I try to be as mindful as possible throughout the day and I introspect, try to understand myself a little bit better, my fears, desires, what’s holding me back and so on.

Yeah, so that’s basically my life. Again, I don’t consider myself by any means a special self-actualized, developed, enlightened being. I’m just a guy that’s doing his best to understand the world, himself, contribute and become a better human being. There’s a lot to learn, a lot to share and a lot to discover yet.

And for those of you who think they are developed, self-actualized or highly spiritual and everybody else is asleep while you are awake, I would recommend letting that go. I’ve been there and the only thing that you’ll achieve is to isolate yourself from the world, you’ll become more judging, angry and you’ll enjoy life less.

Stop dividing personal development and spirituality with mundane ordinary life. Enjoy everything, from a meditation session to a beer with a friend. You’ll have a better time and you’ll feel better, with yourself and around others.

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