Act Bigger by Asking Great Questions

Do you remember when you were a child that you wanted to be an astronaut? Or a firefighter? In my case, I wanted to be a professional football player. It was my dream and I was quite good at it. I was super excited about the idea and told everyone I knew that I wanted to become a professional football player. But one day, I will never forget, one of my primary school professors told me: “Juan, start being realistic, you will never going to become a professional soccer player. Stop dreaming.” And I was just 10 years old… I still cannot forget that.

They Will Tell You To Be Quiet

Society, teachers, parents and friends taught us not to stand out, to fit since we were children. In my case, it was my professor but in your case it might be a friend, or even your own dad.  After a while, since you didn’t have that much power over yourself and critical thinking, you started to believe all those stories people told you. You really bought into the idea that you weren’t born for grandiosity, for greatness, and that you were, in some way or another, flawed and not being able to accomplish anything big in your life.

At some point, you stopped asking great questions and began asking mediocre, ordinary, boring, mundane questions.

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Instead of asking: “How can I have incredible amounts of energy, feel awesome in my body, look fucking great and feel confident?”, you started asking “how can I lose two kilograms?”

Instead of asking: “How can create a career that will fulfill me, I enjoy doing it, give me the free time I deserve to enjoy life and at the same time gives me that financial freedom that I really want?”. You started asking: “Which job can I get that will help me pay the bills and take vacations once a year”?

Instead of asking: “How can I change the world?” you began asking: “What can the world give me?”

Instead of asking: “How can I be completely happy and fulfilled no matter what?” you asked “How can I make my existence bareable”?

And the problem exacerbates because each time you look around, at your friends, family and even tv, people are not asking the great question that they should be asking! They settle for almost nothing.

But what is the solution then? As you may know if you watched some of my videos, I love processes and step-by-step guides. So here is the process you should follow:

Step 1: Start Asking Great Questions

Society, teachers, parents and friends taught

Great questions have two qualities:

  • Big
  • Specific

When I say big, I’m saying they have to be ambitious, extraordinary, not common.

  1. When I say specific, they need to be quantifiable, measurable.
  2. A bad question is: how can I create a successful business?

A great question is: How can I create a business that in 2 years is generating $100.000/year?

Do you see the difference? Let’s see another one.

  1. A bad question is: How can I lose weight and look good?
  2. A great question is: how can I lose 10 pounds in 1 month?

Great questions are ambitious, big, and specific.

Step 2: Benchmark and trend

You will need to research how people before you did it, and that will be your baseline. That is your minimum level of success. That is where you start. Study how other people accomplished what you want to accomplish now.

Step 3: Create a new great answer

Great answers are new answers. If you want to act big, and be successful, accomplish things that most people just can’t, you will need to be original. Nobody got successful by doing the same thing other people were doing. Facebook is successful not because they copied MySpace, but because they were innovators. Apple is successful not because they copied IBM, but because they were revolutionary. See what works for you, try different methods and techniques and see which one adapts better for your specific situation.

So, there you have it:

  • Ask a great question, which must be specific and big
  • Benchmark and trend
  • Create a great new answer

You can apply this to everything: from doing your homework in less time, to becoming rich, to having a great dating life, to getting enlightened, to being happy, to having great new friends, etc.

Art or Science?

Notice though that this is not a science. It is an art… Each situation will be different so you have to be creative when coming up with new great answers. But once you ask great questions, you are in the right path that most people don’t even dare to take.

We need you to ask better questions. We need you to change and contribute to the world, even a little bit, in your way. We are in a need for great new answers. We are living in a huge crisis and the problem is not improving just because we have complacent people whose dreams where shattered when they were children and now they don’t have the balls to pursue them.

That is why we need you! Now that you know that you can do it and how to do it, you are responsible for what it happening in your life and the world. So, stop watching this video, get out of that fucking chair and start taking action. You now know that you can do it.

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