What You Are MISSING In Life While You Use Social Media

5 hours a day is the average time a young adult spend on their phones every day. 35 hours a week, 150 hours a month, 1825 hours a year.

79 years is the average life expectancy in the US and, 50 years, from 20 to 70 are the ones considered truly productive.

If our time spent on our phones and social media stay consistent over those years, we will end up wasting 91.250 hours of our lives watching a 6 inch digital screen.

Let me repeat. On average, you will waste 10 full years of waking time on that little device that’s on your hands right now.

Don’t Believe Me?

I know, at this point you are probably thinking that, while that number might be true, it’s impossible it’s true for you, right? Think twice

Participants in recent studies were totally unaware of just how much time they were devoting to their devices. And when they were asked to guess how much time they were spending looking at their phones, they underestimated their usage by half. Yes, by half.

But this is not an article telling you about how much time you waste on your phone, why doing it is bad, and making you feel sorry for yourself. There are thousands of them right now. No, this article is not about that.

This is about the things you are losing in life while you are sitting there scrolling through your feed, letting your world slip through your hands. Because true change happen, not when they tell us what to do, but when they show us what we are missing

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Again, How Much Time Am I Wasting?

5 hours a day, 1825 a year, 10 years in a lifetime.  What could you possibly do?

With five hours a day, you could read an entire 300-page book. In your life, 3800 of them. Rather than mindlessly swiping your finger up and down, imagine learning from the best thinkers, philosophers, scientists and writers, applying their ideas and digging their minds. From Aristotle, to Einstein. From Steve Jobs to Steven Hawkins. Thinking what they thought, discovering what they discovered and exploring what they explored.

Remember, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thinking, and the quality of your thinking is determined by the quality of what you read. But you probably don’t want to guess what will be the result of the hours invested on someone else’s life. 

Watching Instagram Stories? What if you took that time to read a fiction book? They have the power to teleport you to a completely different reality. From a world of magic and wizards, to a wondering shepherd trying to find meaning in a ever-chaotic world. They can touch your heart with a profound love story or inspire you to be better every day. The best part? A different day, a completely different universe – no limits apply here.

Are you a music fan and you spend countless hours watching covers or concerts in YouTube? What if it could be you on the other side of the screen? If you never heard of it, the famous 10,000-hour rule states that that’s the time you need to master any instrument. All by staying away from your phone.

Are you stuck with your career and you feel your purpose is somewhere else? If you leave your phone behind, the world would not be confined to a screen anymore! It will literally be one full of possibilities. You could become a photographer and portrait the world in a way is has never been done before. Or a movie director who films stories that move hearts and minds, inspire and question the foundations of being human. You could become a painter, a game-designer, an astronomer, a professional tennis player,a physicist, a fiction-writer, a chess player or a DJ. All of this, once you stop looking down, and start facing forward.

Being an entrepreneur is your dream? 5 hours is more than enough to get you started.  Are you a parent? Your children will thank you when you leave your phone in your room and spend time hearing, playing and talking to them.

Have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Look up, they are waiting for you, impatiently. They are dying to hear you speak – to hear your voice again, presently like it was before.


The next time you are about to reach to your pocket  grab your phone and unlock it., think about all the things you could accomplish, enjoy and admire because life is beautiful and possibilities are endless. But each time you decide to reduce it to a screen, it loses its magic, and we lose you.

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